If you have an idea for a reported story on a topic that’s undercovered, multi-layered, and perhaps a bit bizarre, pitch us! These pieces could feature new reporting, an examination of a discussion or debate, or your own analysis — but they should always be compelling.

In a few sentences your pitch should outline your idea, why the story would be of interest to TPM’s readers, why it should be written now, and any reasons why you’re especially well positioned to write it.

Send your pitches to: [email protected]

We’re particularly interested in stories relating to:

  • climate
  • economic policy
  • labor

A good TPM story will contain many or all of these:

  • A focus on what other people are missing or on myths that are due to be punctured
  • A question or multiple questions that will be answered over the next few months
  • An appreciation for the absurd
  • Strong characters
  • Original reporting, including perspectives from experts in the field

For a successful pitch:

  • Be specific about the story you’d like to tell
  • Tell us what your current understanding of the story is, and what you still need to report out or research in order to make the story work
  • Keep the pitch brief — a few sentences is enough

TPM pays competitive rates!