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Vol. 2 No. 73: Feral Lauren Boebert’s Lies Exposed on Videotape!

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September 15, 2023 4:26 p.m.

Thanks for spending another week with us at TPM. Below you’ll find the hilarious and ‘we couldn’t make this up if we tried’ story about Lauren Boebert, whose antics could end up driving her from office in 2024. The original story was just more Reality TV style nonsense. In other words, pure Lauren Boebert. But she’s now been caught open and shut lying about something that’s just kind of ugly and something everyone can understand. The thing that separates Boebert from really all of her Freedom Caucus co-weasels is that unlike the rest of them she’s not from a safe district. She only scraped by with a few hundred vote margin in 2022. Stay tuned on that front.

I’ve also got what I think is the real explanation of the End of Summer Biden Age Freakout of 2023. You can see that here.

There’s Videotape! Annals of Feral Lauren Boebert …

Originally Published: September 15, 2023 2:57 p.m.

Ever since she managed to get reelected last year by only a few hundred votes, words been out that she’d have to put some time into securing her seat if she wanted to remain in Congress. Indeed, I know that when her team was looking for someone to run her next campaign they had to promise that Boebert would stop acting like such a weirdo in the lead up to the 2024 campaign. Indeed, just days ago Politico ran a piece about how for all her Trumpy antics in D.C., back in her far flung Colorado district she’s taken a newfound interest in constituent service. Sorta Trumpy in the streets, normie in the sheets, if you will. But then this week news broke that Boebert and a new boyfriend had been kicked out of a performance of the musical Beetlejuice in Denver for “causing a disturbance.” Apparently Boebert had been singing along and rocking out like some 70s-era female metalhead cheering on Ozzy at a Black Sabbath concert back in the day.

In truth, decorum is among the more overrated of politician virtues. Politicians can be human and they can do far worse things than getting caught up in the moment at a musical theater performance, if that’s your thing. Sure she flipped off the usher as she was being led out of the theater. But good music can make any of us do things we’re not proud of. Indeed, this was the first tack Boebert or at least her staffers took, tweeting that she “plead guilty to laughing and singing too loud.”

But then a new story in The Denver Post reported the account of a pregnant woman who was allegedly sitting behind Boebert at the performance and asked her if she could please stop vaping. Here is where the story finally gets some traction. In her public responses to the original story, Boebert conceded making a bit of a scene. But she insisted that she was not vaping at the event. The whole pregnant woman story was false.

Then last night local news produced a video which not only showed Boebert clearly vaping — sure enough there’s also a visibly pregnant woman sitting behind Boebert. The video actually includes the moment when the pregnant woman leans forward and asks Boebert something. She appears to get an abrupt response from the feral congresswoman and it leaves her visibly taken aback.

It’s some modern “everything is on video” equivalent of the famous Marshall McLuhan scene in Annie Hall. It’s hard to believe the pregnant woman who just wanted to keep her unborn baby from slurping up Boebert vape wheezings was lying. But she did remain anonymous because she didn’t want to be harassed by Boebert’s Trump attack monkeys. So who knows?

You’d just wish there was somehow video of Boebert vaping and telling the pregnant lady to pound sand.

And sure enough: Here’s the video!

It’s literally right there on video. Just like the pregnant woman said. Boebert’s comical lies are all proven for all of us to see.

As you can see if you watch, it’s pretty comprehensive. It certainly appears to be a surveillance video from the venue. You see Boebert rocking out, getting fondled by her current boyfriend, vaping, telling the pregnant lady to pound sound. There’s even a little coda at the end where she’s being escorted out by the usher and flips off a theater employee.

There’s something for everyone.

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